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Mother and son making wine for the first time in 1979

Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

Kathryn herself

Somms pouring Estate Cabernet 8 vintage vertical in Las Vegas 2014

Kathryn in 1981...A reputation for quality doesnt come though marketing and promotion

Circa 1974, Kathryn lovingly trained her new Cabernet vines

Winegrower/President and chief bottlewasher

Netted grapes await slow hangtime...photo by Taran Egner

a commitment to excellence - Abraham Garcia

Bronze engraving at the FDR memorial Washington DC

Dedicated harvest crew at first light; 2013 Estate Vineyard

Kathryn bottling with sister, mother, aunt & daughter in law

Sparkling wine made in tribute to Kathryn and named after her birth year 1927

Sustainably forested red cedar end-posts in our Hill Block.


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