New Project

New Project

Image of grapes on vine at Kathryn Kennedy Winery

M. Mathis Winegrower

In the formative years of my wine knowledge during the 1970 and 80s the University, the wine media and my mentors (including Kathryn) focussed on the most famous French wines Cabernet and Pinot Noir plus Chardonnay to the utter exclusion of lesser regions and grape varieties.

Image of Winegrower Potatos Kathryn Kennedy Winery

Only in my later years was I able to travel to the back roads of Europe and discover an exciting wealth of other growing techniques, flavor profiles and grape raw materials that have nothing to do with the California wine scene I was taught. The M. Mathis Winegrower is my new vehicle to show you what I learned. Come on for the ride. Debuts in 2021.

New Project at Kathryn Kennedy Winery
harvesting Albarino from overhead